Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Film making in the Middle East

Just returned from three weeks in Syria, shooting stills for the director Najdat Anzour's new 30 part tv series to be aired during ramadam. Najdat Anzour is probably the biggest director in the whole of the Arab speaking world and is recognised everywhere, probably the equivelent to Steven Spielberg in the West. He is something of a tyrant, but in the nicest possible way. On the set of this latest film he shot a revolver at the feet of Kalib, his production assistent on a daily basis when he displeased him, but it was all done with great humour, and I liked him very much. He works exceptionally fast in comparison to working on a film set here in the UK, but even by Arabic standards I was told he was quick.
Najdat also has a feature film in the pipeline, it is set during the colonial rule of Libya by Italy in the 1930's and was written by Gadaffi. I was privaliged enough to see a teaser for this film and it was stunningly photographed and very beautiful. Najdat has asked me to do the stills for it when it goes into production, I agreed.

Syria - Images by Grenville Charles

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